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Services for Faculty

Library Instruction Sessions

We can provide library and research instruction sessions for classes to introduce your students to the tools and strategies for finding appropriate resources for their assignments and/or to cover other information such as bibliographic citation, plagiarism avoidance, the nature of academic publications, etc. Please provide a copy of your syllabus or assignment description. We find that instruction sessions are most productive when they are scheduled to coincide with a specific research assignment and when the classroom instructor attends and engages with the presentation. We are available to come to your class in person or meet your students remotely via Zoom

Use the instruction session request form on Eaglenet or contact your liaison librarian to request an instruction session.

Class Library Visits

You are welcome to bring/send your classes to the library for a research day, but we need to know in advance so that we can be prepared to support your students' needs. Due to recent staffing changes we cannot guarantee that a librarian will be available at all times unless you have made an appointment. Simply select "In-library research day" in the instruction request form above or email us to schedule your class visit. 

Embedded Librarian

A librarian may be added as a teaching assistant in your Blackboard class to make it easier for students to communicate with us about finding resources that are particularly relevant for your class. This happens automatically for some online undergraduate classes; otherwise you can contact us at to request this service.

Research Guides and VidGrid Tutorials

We can construct a Research Guide customized to your class or assignment and/or prepare a VidGrid tutorial that you can share on your class Blackboard page to help your students find the best resources for their assignments. Contact your liaison librarian for more information.

You can also explore our growing collection of VidGrid Tutorials in the "Library" folder on the JBU VidGrid portal to see if we already have a tutorial that is relevant to your students' needs. If we don't have one that's right for your class, please let us know.