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Services for Faculty

Recommend Books for Purchase

We depend on faculty members, as experts in your fields of study, to let us know what resources you and your students need to support the teaching mission of the university. Please use the Library Order Card (requires login) in Eaglenet to inform us of key resources in your field or valuable titles in the areas you teach.

If you become aware that our holdings are deficient in a particular subject area, but you do not have specific titles in mind to remedy that deficit, please bring it to the attention of your liaison librarian. We will identify appropriate acquisitions to strengthen our coverage in that area.

Please also let us know if you are developing a new class, or changing the focus of an existing class, so that we can audit relevant library resources and identify whether acquisitions are needed to support your class.

Journal Access

Print Journals by Campus Mail

Periodicals that the library receives in print can be routed to you by campus mail upon their arrival so that you can examine them before they are placed in the current periodical browsing area in the library. Contact the periodicals coordinator if you wish to request this service. 

Online Publication Passwords

While most JBU Library online publications are accessed using your own JBU username and password, there are a few that require the use of shared login credentials. These are updated periodically (usually at the beginning of a new school year). For more information about these publications or to request the current login information, contact the periodicals coordinator. Please do not share these login credentials with anyone who is not a student or employee of JBU.

Effective November 2022: Access to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Arkansas Democrat-GazetteSiloam Springs Herald Leaderand other local news publications are now provided through the NewsBank database rather than through the publication websites. 

If you attempt to access an online journal with your JBU username and password and it does not work, make sure you are following the link from the JBU Library website and see this page for troubleshooting tips. 

Publications not Available at JBU

Interlibrary Loan

If we don't have a book or journal article, we can request it for you from another library. See the interlibrary loan page for details and policies.

ARKLink Reciprocal Borrowing Cards

To request a card that gives you borrowing privileges at other academic libraries, including University of Arkansas, please follow the instructions here.