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Services for Faculty

Electronic Book and Journal Access

You can share a direct link to virtually any ebook or journal article from a JBU Library, but not by simply copying & pasting the URL from the navigation bar at the top of your internet browser. See the directions on our Permalink Generator guide for details on how to find a persistent link to an ebook or article that will work for JBU students and employees on and off campus, or ask a librarian for help. 

We are also happy to prepare a Research Guide for your class that curates all links in one place for your students. Contact your liaison librarian to request this service. 

eBook Acquisition

Whether, and on what terms, a particular book is available as an ebook for the library market varies greatly depending on publisher policies. We are happy to investigate ebook availability of specific titles upon request. 

If a book you wish to assign for a class is available with an appropriate license as a library ebook, you can indicate that the book is available for free from the library in the Slingshot book adoption portal to let students know that they can access the book without purchasing a copy. 

Course Reserves

We encourage faculty to put items on reserve at the library!

Materials in course reserves are available for in-library use only for up to three hours at a time. The library automatically places on reserve most required textbooks for non-elective core classes. If you are going to assign all students in a class to research the same topic or advise many students to consult the same resource, please put relevant materials on reserve so that they will be available to all the students who need them.

To place materials on reserve, deliver them to the circulation desk with the course name and number. Please allow at least one full business day before materials need to be available to students (extra time may be required at the beginning of the semester or when a large number of items must be processed).

Faculty-owned items may be placed on reserve if the library does not own, or does not own sufficient copies, of the desired material. Materials may be picked up at the end of the semester. If you wish to remove items from reserve earlier, please email us one day in advance so that we can remove them from our system before you retrieve them.

Library books on reserve are returned to their regular status and location at the end of each semester unless the faculty member notifies us that they wish to keep the same titles on reserve for the following semester. Please notify us at before finals week if you want to place the same materials on reserve for the next semester.

If you are placing copies of materials on reserve, you are responsible for determining that the copies comply with the fair use provisions of U.S. Copyright Law and for ensuring that the title and copyright holder are identified on the first page of the document. No more than five copies of a document may be placed on reserve.

Please be aware that we are normally not able to acquire multiple copies of the same book or article for different students in your class through interlibrary loan. Alternatives include placing an item on reserve, obtaining an ebook license (if available), or designating the item as a required textbook. Let us know what books you need your students to be able to access so that we can work with you to make them available to them.