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ACA Journals

Links to American Counseling Association Journals available at JBU.

ACA Journals available at JBU

JBU has access to the following journals published by the American Counseling Association and its divisions, former divisions, and affiliates. Not all divisions are represented on this list. Articles from journals not held by JBU may be requested by interlibrary loan.

ACA Journals not on the above list

The JBU Library does not provide full text access to the journal of every division of the ACA. To confirm whether JBU has access to any particular journal, you can search by the title of the publication on our Journal Titles search. For other journals, you may need to consult the publisher's website via links provided on the American Counseling Association Divisions webpage, then place an interlibrary loan request for specific articles that you need.

Cross-Searching ACA Journals

Almost all ACA journals are indexed in the APA PsycInfo database. To cross-search multiple ACA journals at once, use this link to open APA PsycInfo in a new browser window:

Copy and paste the following text into the first box of the search dialog. (You can delete any journal titles that you do not wish to search.)

SO ("Journal of Counseling and Development" OR "Career Development Quarterly" OR "Counseling and Values" OR "Counselor Education and Supervision" OR "Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling" OR "Journal of College Counseling" OR "Journal of Counseling Sexology & Sexual Wellness" OR "Journal of Employment Counseling" OR "Journal of Mental Health Counseling" OR "Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development" OR "Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation" OR "The Family Journal" OR "Journal of Child and Adolescent Counseling" OR "Journal of Creativity in Mental Health" OR "Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling" OR "Journal for Specialists in Group Work" OR "Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling and Development" OR "Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin")

Then add your search terms to the second box of the search dialog and press "Search."