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Permalink Generator

Create an EZproxy link to share resources.

About EZproxy

Students, faculty, and staff are able to access JBU Library resources from vendors on and off campus. To access resources from off-campus patrons must be authenticated as current students, faculty, and staff. This is done by logging in through EZproxy using their JBU user name and password. See the page on Logging In for more information.

To share a resource, make sure to have a permanent link that has had the EZproxy URL prepended to it.

More information on how EZproxy works can be found on the OCLC website.


Link Generator

Check to see if the URL for your resource starts with either or These URLs have the EZproxy built in to them and are ready to be shared with students or faculty. If the permalink has a different beginning, create an EZproxy using the tool below.

Find the permalink for your item and then paste the link in the first text box. Click the Create EZproxy Link button to create the EZproxy permalink that can be shared with students and faculty.

Paste link here:

Copy and use this link: