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ICS 2113/2193: Intercultural Communication

Book Availability

Physical copies of all of the options for the book response assignment are on Reserve at the JBU Library. If you are local to Siloam Springs, we encourage you to come read these copies. They can be used for 3 hours at a time and must remain in the library. 

Most of the ebooks linked below are only available for one reader at a time. The main exceptions are Bruchko and Peace Child, which allow multiple readers at the same time. If the book you select is already being read by someone else, you may encounter a message that the book is in use. Please try again at another time. If you are reading one of these books online, please close your browser window when you are finished so that the book will be available for your classmates. Your browser session will time out after 30 minutes of inactivity if you forget to close the window.

More information about how to view and/or download ebooks can be found here. Please note that download options may not be available for all books.

eBooks Available From JBU Library

eBooks Available from Internet Archive's Open Library

Open Library books require the creation of an Internet Archive account, separate from your JBU account, to access the full text. Books may not be available when being viewed by another reader.