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New Books in Higher Education

Acquisitions for the study of higher education at the JBU Library in 2019-2021.

Note to Faculty

This guide features books — electronic and print — in the field of higher education acquired by the JBU Library in 2019–2021. The library is continuing to acquire books in this area, but not all new books will necessarily be added to this list. 

Please note that some ebooks have limited user access; the record for each book will indicate whether we have unlimited access or a single copy. If you would like to use a book as a course assignment for which we only have a single copy, please let us know at and we will investigate whether we can acquire unlimited access. 

We always welcome book recommendations from faculty. Please use this form to let us know about books we should add to the collection:

Additional current titles in the field of higher education can be found in our eBook collections. These titles may change from semester to semester, so let us know if you see anything for which you would like us to acquire permanent access.