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BBL 1013: Old Testament Survey (Online)


This guide features recommended JBU Library resources for the study of the Old Testament. Use the menu links to find ebooks selected for their relevance for your informed reflection papers.

Databases for Peer Reviewed Journal Articles in Biblical Studies

eBooks in the JBU Library

IVP Bible Dictionaries: Old Testament

Commentary Sets at the JBU Library

Commentaries – scholarly books that go through a book of the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse offering explanations of the language, culture, and meaning of each passage – can be found at several locations in the JBU Library. This list highlights some of the most popular commentaries in our holdings. If you need help locating a commentary for your project, please ask a librarian.

Commentaries in the Reference Collection

Commentary Sets on the Whole Bible

Commentary Sets on the Old Testament

Commentary Sets on the New Testament

Commentaries in the Main Collection (Check-out-able)

Additional commentaries on individual books of the Bible are available in the Main Collection with call numbers BS 1200 – BS 2970. Search the JBU Library Catalog for the exact location.

Commentaries in the eBook Collections

EBook Commentary availability varies by book of the Bible. Search the eBook collections below with the book of the Bible (e.g., "Genesis") plus the word "Commentary" for additional options. 

Featured eBook Commentaries

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