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Services for Distance Students

Interlibrary Loan

Items not available through the library may be obtained from other libraries through our interlibrary loan service. Articles will typically be delivered to you electronically (usually in 1-3 days). Books can be mailed to you, but you are responsible for return postage.

Note: For print books and other physical media, you may wish to check with your local library to see if they provide interlibrary loan service. They may be able to acquire materials for you more quickly, and with longer loan periods, than we can.

Document Delivery

Good news for online students: more than 75% of our books and 95% of our journal articles are available online. But if you discover that you need something that JBU only has in print, you can request scans of selections from materials for digital document delivery. This does not apply to whole books, but if you need an article from a reference work or periodical or a chapter from a book, we can provide it to you digitally. You will need to identify the portion needed, the more precisely the better. (TIP: If our catalog doesn't give sufficient detail to figure out which part of a book you need, looking at the previews in Google Books or Amazon may help. Finding the item you're looking for in the bibliography of another book or article can also help.) Use your ILLiad account to enter the information about the document you need in a New Request form. Contact a research librarian if you need help with this process.

Books by Mail

You can request books from our collection to be mailed to your address. Please be aware that with postal service delays, it may take several weeks for your request to arrive. You are responsible for return postage. Use the JBU Catalog to identify the materials you need and contact us at or 479-524-7202 to make your request.